June 2022

New paintings added to the art section.

February 2022

New compositions Empehemera and Unfolding (part I) added to the music section.

November 2021

Thank you for all the votes and donations in the first round of the WVC competition!
I’ve made it to the second round and this time,
I’m there with another composition, “Apparition”.

The recording is, again, just a MIDI version, and therefore it might sound odd at times, as I used a lot of different playing techniques, which are hard to imitate in digital sounds, but the general atmosphere should be more or less similar.

I would really appreciate it, if you give it
a vote or even some donation.
I know it´s quite a bother to sign up in order to vote, but those, who voted in the 1st round, can just simply log in again.

I would be also the most thankful, if you share my composition with someone who might like it.

Here are a few words about Apparition:

This composition evokes fear of the unknown.
I created an atmosphere of an old, abandoned, creaky house deep in a forest, where a ghost wakes up agitated. The feeling is scary, but not overly terrifying, like visiting a haunted house.
At the beginning you’re nervous, but after some time, you feel more comfortable, even to the point of enjoying it.
I decided a string quartet best expresses the dark feelings of this theme. Its dynamic sound with varied range of possibilities, creates that spooky atmosphere.

The piece is for a string quartet and if anyone would like to see the score, feel free to
contact me.

You can listen to Apparition and vote here.

October 2021

The recording from the concert of the Composition Competition of the Konvergencie Chamber Music Festival. (Bratislava, September 2021)

Michael Blazek - The Fallout

September 2021

I entered a composition contest where there’s supposed to be public voting, what I didn’t realise until very recently is that I have to share my composition on my website to get as many votes as possible.

There’s people on there with over 15k followers whereas I’ve only got around a hundred, and, as you know, it’s really not my style to chase followers and post my work everywhere. I’m not really comfortable taking part in a contest which is based on generating votes rather than the actual quality of work.

That being said, if you are an art lover, you can listen to my piece (just VST/MIDI, not a real recording unfortunately) and, if you like, vote for it, make a donation, or send it to someone who you think might like it. If you have any feedback, I’d also be very grateful. I’ve poured a lot of personal feelings into this composition so I’m hoping to put it live soon.

Thank you for your attention and now I know that I should’ve put the money from my membership fee towards some nice Italian food instead.

Art is not a consumer product.

You can listen to Resilience II and vote here.