Tre Per Intermezzo


The senseless suffering inflicted upon millions of innocent people, animals, and nature in Ukraine at this time has changed my perception of the world and the meaning of my life in it. I am not a soldier but an artist, and creating is how I deal with this situation. This piece is a reflection of my feelings about the destruction man can do ruthlessly, without compassion.

The Fallout

The Fallout was composed for the first composing competition of the Convergence 2021 festival. I originally described it as a story of two beings who have an exchange of opinions with each other, but at the end of the piece they converge together.
From today’s perspective, the piece mainly evokes in me a sense of the simplicity and ease of life that most of us could have lived before 2022.

Five Little Preludes

This composition was written in 2017 for solo piano. It consists of 5 preludes that form one piece. It is one of my first serious compositions and was written during a period when I was more concerned with tonality, which is especially evident in the myriad transpositions and modulations…